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Australia – Perth

Perfect weather, pristine beaches & great friends and family – No wonder we are coming back here in the end

sunny 34 °C

Even before we had booked our tickets to leave the UK, we had one important date to factor in - getting back into Perth in time for Leigh and Carley’s wedding. We also had the minor tasks of sorting out visa’s for our upcoming destinations. Plus there was the added bonus of having a pit stop after 7 months of being on the road

After a couple of days relaxing with our families and getting some last minute clothes we met in the beautiful Jobe Dobman Park right by the Swan River in Mosman Park. It was forecast to be a scorcher of a day at 38 degrees, but the shade of the trees and early sea breeze meant that it was just right. The ceremony was beautiful and the reception in Mosman´s restaurant was amazing sat right over the water. The great thing about being back in Perth for the wedding was that we got to catch up with a lot of other friends who had travelled in for the big day too. Much dancing and good times continued into the night. We had a relaxing day in the pool at Leigh’s parents place the following day to escape the high 30’s heat of the day.


We managed to fit in a few trips down to the beach, watch the sun set from the hills, play some rounds of golf and relax a little while we were staying all over the city with different friends.

One of the many deadly little critters that we share Perth with

DSC05442.jpg IMG_6915.jpg

After doing our first ever surfing lessons back in Peru, i figured that i had missed out on 30 yrs of surfing potential having grown up in Perth and not ever surfed here. A couple of visits and successful sessions and I think that a surf board is now on the shopping list when we get home.

DSC05544.jpg DSC05555.jpg DSC05567.jpg

Our friend Ramaona organised a night of indoor rock climbing too which we happily went along for. It was good to be doing some cool things to remind us of what we can do when we get back later in the year.


We ended up being incredibly busy in our 2 and a half weeks back in town with lots of dinners and catchups that we organised. Somehow in between all of that we got our China visa’s organised and a new passport for Tanya. All in all a successful couple of weeks that gave us plenty to remind us why we will be happily calling Perth home again.

Daniel – Perth has changed so much in the 6 years that we have been away, but having this little holiday taster was just what we needed to remind us that we have so many great friends and family here to help us settle back in when we resume having normal lives again in 5 months time. Glad we were back in time for the wedding, wouldn’t have missed it for the world though!

Tanya –. It really was a great place to have a holiday from our holiday. We had a great time being tourists in our hometown. I’ve happily called Cleethorpes home for the last 6 years but I am excited to be returning to Perth to live. Leigh and Carley put of a great wedding, we met lots of babies/children that have sprung up since we left and its just been great spending quality time with friends and family!

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Australia – Melbourne

Home of Australian Cricket, Aussie Rules Football and a lot of family.

rain 22 °C

After 7 months of travelling, we were looking forward to our time in Australia with the chance to relax a little, not pay for accommodation and catch up with plenty of family and friends.

Our first day we decided to combine spending time with family as well as getting out and seeing some of our own country. We were staying with Tanya’s sister Bel, Tanya’s mum was also on holiday in Melbourne and my Auntie Tess and her partner Sam were in town on their trip around Australia so we arranged to head out along the Great Ocean Road with them all. The weather was typical Melbourne summer weather... rainy, windy and generally crap, but it didn’t stop us from having a good few laughs and a picnic down at Lorne


We had a big family gathering with Tanya’s mums family with 5 of the 10 siblings present and accounted for. It was another good day spent with all the family


The following day we headed out to Ballarat, the scene of the fist gold finds to spark the Victorian gold rush and later the civil uprising of the Eureka Stockade. We had intended to look around for a while, but by the time we got a few things sorted in the morning and got out there, our train was due to leave in 30 minutes. A quick walk up the main street to get some snacks for the train and we were heading out of Ballarat as fast as we had arrived.


I went into the city the following day to meet up with Ash, a friend that I used to work with back in Perth whilst Tanya had a girlie day out with her cousin Catherine. I hung around Federation Square and Flinders Street Station while waiting for him and then we went out for some lunch to chat and catch up on what has happened over the 8 years since we worked together.


After a great couple of hours reminiscing and catching up Ash asked what I had planned for the afternoon. Given I hadn’t thought that far ahead, he suggested heading out to the MCG for a tour. Taking the advice I walked along the banks of the Yarra River on what was turning out to be a nice day after the morning rain.


The MCG is an imposing stadium, even from a distance. Also the history and relevance to Australian sport make it a must visit for any sport fan. Location of the traditional Boxing Day Test in cricket, the Grand Final match for Australian Rules Football (AFL) and the 1956 Olympics, I have seen it so many times on TV! (well not the Olympics)


I paid the $30 entrance fee which got me on a tour as well as entry to the National Sports Museum. The tour was great taking us onto the ground, through the stands, into the change rooms and up into the members long room. All really cool to see, impressive and interesting. Like with all other stadiums i have been too though, I think they always look bigger on TV than in real life. However being able to accommodate over 100,000 people it’s the biggest i’ve been into.

A great tapestry in the stadium depicting the 150 years of the MCG

After the tour I went for a quick look in the National Sport Museum which is housed in the stadium. I got stuck in there for longer than i was expecting when i found the interactive section. Clearly designed with kids in mind, it has a bunch of sports games to play which had me kicking, shooting and throwing for a few hours. The pick of the bunch was a handball game (AFL) where you had to hit different scoring targets in 1 minute, kicking for goal with a big screen playing your shot going through goal after the trajectory and speed is registered through a tracking device, Soccer penalty shootouts and a cricket game of picking up the ball and hitting the stumps to run out a player. All games using screens, hit pads and holes it was great even for bigger kids like me.

Not an actual game area just part of the museum here.

On the final night in Melbourne, we had a BBQ around at Tanya’s Uncle and Auntie’s place and the family which was another good night of catching up and telling stories.


We were out to the airport in the morning and getting excited to see more friends and family in Perth.

Daniel – Great to be able to have the time to see so much of the family whilst still on our big world tour. Loved going out to the MCG, where the national sports museum was quite possibly one of the best things of the entire trip :-)

Tanya – Oh how nice it feels to be at home, well almost. I haven’t seen my sister in years so it was so great to catch up and see where she lives. It was very much a family holiday and I’m so grateful to all my relllies for travelling from further to come and see us.

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