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Well, shutting down your life in a country is hard work. I don’t know why but leaving Australia to come here didn’t seem to be as hard as this. It might have been because we knew we would be returning, but leaving UK has almost broken us both. Although I’m not expecting much sympathy from you all reading this, after all we don’t have to work for the next year and we are getting to the far reaches of the globe, so I guess we should put in a bit of effort for that reward :-)

Anyway in 5 days time we will be on the plane to Madrid and hopefully the hectic 6 weeks that have just gone will all just be a distant memory! Since the last post, we started our semi retired lifestyle with a week on the Norfolk Broads. It was an absolutely great way to relax and leave the work routine. The days basically consist of waking up, relaxing with some breakfast, turning the boat engine on for a few hours of motoring at 5mph down the rivers through nice little riverside villages, deciding on which pub to moor at for lunch, relaxing in a broad in the afternoon on the boat with a book or a fishing line, cooking up some dinner and then fishing again till dusk before turning in. No schedule to keep and with some really warm sunny weather for the first half of the trip it was perfect. We did have a little rain in the latter part of the week, but it didn’t bother us much and after the stunning start to the week we couldn’t complain.

We did this week with my Aunty Jo and Uncle Steve so with a nice 6 berth boat, we had enough space and spending one last trip with them both was a perfect way to round out or time with them over here. We met up with some of their friends who live down there and had some great laughs along the way as usual.
The lovely ‘Gliding Light’ Home for the week

Example of the unique lifestyle that people live on the broads villages

Ice cream van, but in a whole different way

The best company in the world xx

Best way to spend an afternoon

Great part of the UK

After getting back from the broads, we were confronted with 5 weeks left and everything still to do. If we were doing it again, I could have chucked work in a few weeks earlier just to make it a bit easier than its been. The biggest things to get sorted out have been renting our place out, selling the cars, tying up legal loose ends, booking various things for the trip, packing the house and clearing up bills. With the way a couple of things have gone, some things will not quite be finished by the time we leave but we can hopefully go to plan B on those.

The other more exciting thing that we have done though was to complete something that we both have wanted to do for a while… Climb the three national peaks. Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon are the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales respectively. We had been keen to scale these just for the enjoyment, but we thought now was a great time to do it for a little bit of training for the trekking we will be doing in South America. Whilst the British peaks don’t quite have the same altitude as the South American Andes, we still think it’s better than doing nothing.

Our plan was to drive up to Scotland from Cleethorpes (7 hrs drive) to stay at a hostel at the base of Ben Nevis. Climb the next day, then drive down to the Lake District (5 hrs drive) for Scafell the following day. After Scafell, make the 3 hr drive down to Wales to stay with family there and give ourselves a day off seeing my family before climbing Snowdon on the final day. That worked out to be 3 peaks in 4 days which isn’t too bad given the big trekking days that we will be doing.

Each of the climbs went really well. My personal opinion was that although Ben Nevis was the highest and longest climb, it was the least favourite of the 3. It just seemed a bit boring and not very challenging as we took the main tourist route up. Scafell was our favourite as the scenery and the nature of the walk were stunning. I do love the lake district, I will definitely miss having it in close proximity when we leave. Snowdon was also really good. We took the Pyg track up and the Miners track down which were very different but both really challenging at parts. The weather was great for all three walks, to the point of being nearly too hot at times (I know, at 26 degrees temp, we are starting to sound more and more British). Over the three peaks we did;
• 8 hrs ascending
• 2 hours lunching
• 7hrs 10min descending
• 20 hrs driving
Pretty tiring over 4 days as well as catching up with the Wales side of my family which was great to see them all again. They always give us the warmest of welcomes! We will look forward to repaying the favour when they come out to Australia!

Starting the first of the 3 peaks

Ben Nevis starts off pretty strong

Snow in the Summer ???

One Peak down

The Scottish Mountains and Locks on show on the path down

Leaving the lake district valley

A near vertical scramble after taking a wrong turn

Peak 2 down

The awesome views from Scafell over the lake district

Boulder fields on the way down

The final ascent

Snowdon sitting above the tarns

A much easier way to get up

The final peak

The much more crowded (thanks to the train) views over the Welsh hills

That’s where we went

All over…

Since the 3 peaks its been back to home to prepare for leaving, catching up with the family and friends in Cleethorpes, Sheppey & London. We did throw a leaving party which also coincided with my 30th birthday, but I was glossing over the fact that I am no longer in my 20’s. It has been great to see everyone and we are blessed to have such amazing family and friends. It will certainly be the biggest thing we miss once we get back to Australia after our year travelling.

So next update we should be on the road and updating you on what we got up to in Madrid. I cant believe that its all so close now!! Arrggghhhh!!!

Until then
Daniel & Tanya

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What to expect

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Hello and welcome to our travel blog.

We are embarking on our trip of a lifetime on the 13th August 2011 and we have decided on trying to keep a blog going whilst we are travelling around. So here it is in all its glory. Not much going on at the moment but we should start to get cranking over the coming weeks before we depart.

The principle reason for looking at doing a blog is for our own benefit of keeping a record of what we get up to so that in the years to come we can always look back at our adventure as the memories start to fade away. But also we are hoping that it’s an easy way of you guys (family & friends) out there keeping up to date with what we are doing and where in the world we are.

We have also used this site extensively to help us out with the planning of our own trip, so we realise that there may be people looking over this blog as a way to get some information on the various places that we visit. Because of this we will be doing a bit of a summary of each country along the way with expenses and what to expect for anyone looking for this kind of information.

So for anyone reading along from here on in, feel free to subscribe to the blog using the link in the top right or check in when you have got a free lunch hour here or there.

At the moment we hope that we can be putting a post on every week or so, but until we actually get out on the road that may be a bit hard. Either way, we will be by trying our best to keep it going right through to the end.

Anyway… Tanya and I have been living in ‘Sunny Cleethorpes’ in the UK since Feb 2006. We moved here from Australia to spend some time (at the time we only thought a year or so) travelling and working. 5 ½ years later, we have finally come to the point of calling it a day on our amazing time in the UK and return to Perth for the next part of our lives. We figured that whilst we had the opportunity of no commitments anywhere, we would go all out and make it our trip of a lifetime. The travel map here shows our planned route as it currently stands. We expect that this will have many changes over time as unforeseen circumstances keep us on our feet but hopefully it goes something like this. We have got everything up to New Zealand planned out pretty well, but after that we dont have much detailed planning yet.

The general gist of our next 12 months goes something like this
South America – 5 months
North America – 1 month
New Zealand – 1 month
Australia – couple of weeks
South East Asia – 4 months
India – 1 month
After all of that we will be back in the UK ready to take a flight back to Perth after seeing the family and friends here for a couple of weeks.

We only have a few things that are fixed dates at the moment. We have a friend’s wedding in New York on 30th August 2011, the Inca Trail trek on 26th September, Antarctica trip on 29th November and ensuring that we are back in Perth on 10th March 2012 for a friend’s wedding. Some more things may become fixed as we get closer to leaving, but everything including the plane tickets can still move about depending on what crops up.

As our work days are nearing an end, the excitement of the upcoming trip (and a little bit of worrying with all that we still need to get sorted) just keeps building. Our next few weeks will be filled with a few trips round the UK to get some last minute things done that we have put off over the years (Broads holiday and the 3 national peaks) as well as visiting family & friends in between sorting out Visa’s, vaccinations, some more bookings, shipping stuff back to Australia, selling the car and sorting the UK house.

Please put some comments down as we are travelling round. We would like to know that you guys are still following us and we might have some lonely times when its just Tanya and I so will be good to hear from some familiar faces. Also if you figure that you are planning a holiday around the same time as we will be somewhere, drop us a note and we could always try to tee something up so that we cross paths. Again, some familiar faces along the way would be a welcome treat!!!

I have done a couple of blogs in the past covering our 3 weeks trip round Europe when we first got here as well as a trip round Switzerland a few years ago if you ever wanted to have a look.

Thanks and look out for the next instalment.

Daniel & Tanya

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